He steadies me.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Link to Listening & Tour Plans

Hello all,

Just wanted to let you know that if you  haven't gotten the chance to listen to some of the music off of the "Steady Me" CD, you can do so online!  Click the link below.  I'd love to hear your thoughts!  Happy listening!

Listen Here!

Also, I've been thinking of trying to organize a mini-tour for this summer or even sooner if possible.  I will be contacting local churches to see if any are interested in hosting an evening of worship.  If your church or any church that you have contact with would be interested, be sure to let me know!


Monday, December 5, 2011

Prayer Request

Hi friends,

I hope this post finds you all doing well and getting excited for the holidays!  I just wanted to keep you posted on what I'm up to and to ask for you to pray about my music ministry.  As you know, I have a new CD that arrived in November (contact me if you'd like one)!  I'm pumped to finally have a copy of my music to be able to distribute!  Currently, I am getting ready to send out some CD's to Christian Record Labels that are accepting demo submissions.  I would appreciate prayer over this process.  I am putting things in God's hands and am trusting Him to take me and the music He has given me wherever He pleases. 

I'm also looking to start playing out more.  Ideally, I'd love to start playing local churches and see where that leads me.  If you know of any places (your church!) that would be interested in hosting a Christian Acoustic Singer/Songwriter, let me know or pass my information on to them!  I would also appreciate prayer about this process as I seek to find venues in which to play!  This part of being a musician is tough for me because I have difficulty promoting myself.  I feel almost guilty asking for people to listen to me sing or to buy a CD.  I don't want people to mistake any of my actions for arrogance.  I pray for the humility of Christ to be evident in me.

One exciting thing happened last week!  Brady and I went to see Laura Story in concert in McMurray, PA.  If you don't know who she is, you should definitely check her music out.  She wrote "Mighty To Save" and "Indescribable," which was recorded by Chris Tomlin and was #1 on Christian Charts for a long time!  More recently, she wrote "Blessings" --an amazing song that you need to hear if you haven't already (  Anyway, it was great to see her, despite the fact that she lost her voice in the middle of the concert.  After her show, she came out to sign autographs.  Long story short, I was able to give her a copy of my CD!   I'm hoping she takes a listen to at least offer some professional advice!

I would really appreciate your prayers about how God wants to use me and my music.  Pray that He would clearly provide open and closed doors.  Pray that He would use me to my fullest potential in order to give His name maximum glory!! 

Thanks friends!


Saturday, November 12, 2011

CD's Are Here!!

Finally, my first some-what official CD is here!!  It seems like this has been a long time coming.  I'm so excited to have some of my music laid down so that I can share it with you!  Thanks to Marcia Furman for some awesome CD/Front Cover art.  Thanks to Big Tom Perkins at 'On the Farm Studios' for helping me with this project!  Thanks to family and friends for your support and constant encouragment/nudging to make a CD.  The CD titled "Steady Me" has seven tracks.  It's nothing fancy...not perfect...just me on guitar and piano.  Hopefully someday soon, I'll be able to record with a full band.  My prayer is that these simple songs will bless those who hear them.  I pray that these simple songs would draw listeners closer to the mighty God who inspired them. 

If you're interested in getting a CD, they will be sold for $7 at Butler Eye Care (297 Evans City Rd., Butler, PA) and at Harlansburg Presbyterian Church (385 Old Route 19, New Castle, PA).  You can also get one straight from me.  Let me know if you want one!  If you would like to have one mailed to you for $10, contact me at

Happy listening! 


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

An Unrelenting Desire

I can remember being about 14 years old at Creation, a huge Christian music festival.  I can remember standing in the crowd thinking to myself, "This year I'm going to work really hard at my music and next year that will be me on stage.  There's no reason that can't be me up there."  Well, now I'm 23 and here I sit writing about a passion that has never left me since that day.  Each summer I remember thinking the same thoughts. "Now's the time.  What am I waiting for?"  There always seemed to be some reason that I didn't take the steps needed to reach for what I wanted.  Excuses like 'I really need to be focusing on school work now,' 'I just don't have the time,' 'I don't want to spend the money,' 'I  have a real job now.'  I also doubted myself thinking I'm not good enough and what are the chances of me actually making it in Christan music?  Sometimes I thought that maybe I only wanted to pursue music for fame and my own sake.  I continually pray that God would make me humble and that he might use me for His glory alone.

Well, I guess I've waited long enough.  God has been working in me since that time when I was 14 years old.  As much as I have tried to let go of my desire to pursue singing/songwriting, He has never let me do that.  Ever since I started writing songs, I have felt a yearning to pursue singing/songwriting whole-heartedly...I just never have...until now.

I have just finished recording seven of my songs.  It's nothing fancy...just me on vocals, guitar, and piano.  Although it's pretty simple, it feels so good to finally have something officially recorded.  I'm in the process of getting CDs made, and they will hopefully be done by the end of this month.  Thanks to Marcia Furman, I have some great art for the cover!  I'll keep you posted as to when CDs are ready.

To sum things up, I am not going to let everyday things or my fear get in the way.  I am placing the music that God has given me entirely in His hands.  May He do with it as He please.  May He make me willing to go wherever He leads.